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Inner Strength, the foundation of "Executive Presence."

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM

There is a parable about a widow who goes to a judge for vindication. The widow represents, the poor, unprotected and powerless in society. The Judge had a reputation for being confident, self-assured and not afraid of anyone; in society, he represented one with great authority, who commanded respect and wealth.

The widow, though quiet and subtle acts in a persistent manner, seeking fairness and justice. She is clear in what she wants, is not intimidated and goes after what she knows is her right in the society. After some time the Judge decides that even though he fears no one, he will grant the widow justice.

I always wondered why the Judge bothered with the widow. Why did he decide to give her his time and grant her justice? He could have easily kept on dismissing her or being a man of great means, have someone else do it for him. But he didn’t.

Is it possible that the widow knew of her own power despite what society thought of her? To outsiders she may have appeared as poor and powerless; but what if this is not how she felt on the inside.

Her actions demonstrated that she had an inner power and strength not known to others or fully understood by the Judge. The judge could not understand it, but there was something about that widow that despite outward appearance caused him to grant her justice.

I once read where Cicely Tyson remarked, "nobody would bother to beat you down if you were not a threat.” This statement speaks to a great truth. In the same way that the Judge knew not to ignore the Widow, the one who is treating you unfairly must have also recognized that there is within you a great inner strength and determination that cannot be defeated.

Your talents, skills and capabilities have already been recognized. It might seem like the opposite is happening, the unfair criticism is a mere distraction. Keep shining. Do not hold back your efforts. Boldly demonstrate your gifts with humility and grace. As the Widow received what was rightfully hers through her persistent efforts, so will you if you do not give up.

Be strong. Loving. Fearless

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