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Stay out of harm's way.

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 11:15 AM

Growing up our parents and older relatives often warned us about staying out of harm’s way. Examples of harm included substances such as drugs and alcohol, to situational environments like hanging out with the wrong crowd in school.

As adults, we should consider the harm that can come to us based on our decision not to be selective with whom we spend our time. On campus, in the workplace and during times of leisure we need to think about whether we are putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Consider your acquaintances/colleagues at work, classmates, or a boss. Are they harmful to you or helpful? We may not be aware of the damage that can be caused to our well-being by listening to colleagues who gossip or constantly complain or a boss who speaks to us disrespectfully.

In these circumstances, we are passive participants in activities that do not add to our knowledge or joy; and what does not add to us, can actually take something away.

When we leave these environments, if we take time to reflect, we will realize that we gained nothing from the experience and leave feeling irritated, unsatisfied, and de-valued. I also remember my mom telling me that I do not have to stay and let anyone yell at me.

We need to be very selective and disciplined about how we spend our time, with whom and in what capacity. Life is a gift. Placing our creative spirit and ingenuity in harm’s way by not being deliberate about our well-being is irresponsible. In his book “Success Principles,” Jack Canfield tells readers that one of the most important principles is to “take 100% responsibility for your life.”

We are on this earth to share our gifts by completing specific tasks over our lifetime. So let us invest our time, moving towards that which brings us knowledge, joy and contentment and staying out of harm’s way.

Be strong, Loving, and Fearless

Below a picture of my mom and me. (She always reminds me of my worth and value.)

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