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What happens on that day when you realize that you are good enough?

Posted on June 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Imagine a day when you wake up, open your eyes and begin with acknowledging your blessings and being grateful.

You rise and when you look in the mirror and instead of criticizing what you see you actually smile. You head into the bathroom and are pleased at the wrinkles, or freckles, the type of hair you have and the body which has brought you to this point in your life.

As you head out the door and into the world you feel different because the fear that was holding you back, has been quieted. You know longer sense a yoke on your shoulders. Instead there is a lightness to your step, anxiety has been replaced by something else, tangible and very powerful. It is more than confidence, or self-esteem…. It can be hard to articulate but you know that it is now a part of every breath you take. There is a deep knowing within that you are more than how others’ have defined you.

You are, free. Free to express yourself fully and honestly, free to say yes, to what you like and no to what you do not. Free to put in the hours to work on your dreams and free to say no to activities that are of no interest to you and are unfulfilling. This is the day when you look around you and recognize that you can handle whatever comes your way. You have chosen not to hide who you are or what you believe. You know deep within and very clearly that you are good enough. In fact, you are absolutely fantastic.

When you become thankful for all that you have and realize that you are one of the most beautiful and unique beings ever created you are ready. Ready to live, create, serve, laugh, teach, cry, learn and thrive. Let nothing hold you back and may every day be like this day.

Be Strong, Loving. Fearless.

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