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Step on the path

Posted on June 23, 2019 at 1:15 PM

When you have options before you, and both of them are good. Not spectacular but good. You put yourself out there, took a chance, bet on yourself, and you won. Now it is time to decide. Do you stay where you are comfortable, settled and all is going well? Or do you step out into the new? How do you choose?

It’s not easy. Take a breath. Seek some quiet time and go back to the point where you began; the point where you decided that you wanted another vision for your life; the point where you decided to choose a different path.

Consider the risks, consider the rewards and how good it can be if you decide to follow through on that original decision. Push, kick and silence the fear that may be welling up in your mind. This is the time when anxiety shows up, disguised as reasonable doubt. But if you recall, you already went through the phase of reasonable doubt. You gave due consideration to the pros and cons when you were deciding if you should make this move and you chose to pursue this dream.

Now the dream is before you, take the chance. You can do this. You can handle what comes your way. Go ahead take the next step...


Be strong, Loving, Fearless.


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